User Permissions and Roles

When creating a new user, or editing an existing one, it is important to assess the permissions and roles they require. 

The Permissions and roles help to determine the level of access to exams within your account and the level of interaction a user will have with these exams. 

A user can be assigned to one or more of the following permissions and roles.


Access all exams: All exams are visible regardless the user's assignment.

View all finalized exams: All exams with the Finalized status are visible regardless of the user's assignment.

Study Admin: Can create, delete, activate and merge studies. Can access the admin tab on the exam page.



Admin Login: Can access the admin page and carry out admin functionality for the account. 

Study Assign: can assign exams regardless of their role. This user type is usually given to sonographers.

The highlighted drop-down boxes can be used to make exam assignment with the Study Assign permission. 



Sonographer: The user is identified as a sonographer and listed in the sonographer assignment list.

Interpreting Physician: The user is identified as an interpreting physician. Only interpreting physicians can finalize exams.

  • Offline Reporting: The user can mark a report as "completed offline."
  • Specify a Signature: An image of the physician's signature can appear next to their digital signature.

For image size see article Adding A Physicians Signature.

Referring/Ordering: the user is identified as the referring or ordering physician based on workflow rules or manual assignments.

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