Adding a Physician's Signature

The default functionality within UltraLinq is to display a textual, digital signature whenever reports are read.  That said, it is possible to add an image of a physician's signature which will appear on a final report.

In order to add a signature to a physician's user profile, you must "Admin Login" permission.

To add a signature, begin by navigating to Admin -> Users.

Next, load the profile of the physician, and click on "Edit User".

Scroll to the "Roles" section at the bottom of the page, and under the "Interpreting Physician" role, select the radio button for "File".  Then click the "Choose File" button to browse for the image you wish to add as the signature.

The signature image file should be no larger than 300x100 pixels.  A template image is included below for your reference.  Larger files are accepted, but may result in unexpected formatting on the final report.

Finally, save your changes to store the image to this physician's profile.

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