Configuring Report Headers

Within UltraLinq, it is possible to customize the header that appears on top of the final report.  Ensuring the right header appears can be challenging; so, this guide was created to add clarity to the process.

Primary Header Source

The steps to determining what header appears on a report begin with the “Primary Header Source”.  This is an internal setting that end-users cannot access.  The Primary Header Source tells UltraLinq where to begin when populating a header.

For all new clients, the default Primary Header Source is the Location assigned to an exam.  This setting can also be changed by UltraLinq Client Services to the Referring Physician assigned to an exam.  If you are uncertain which source is designated for your account, contact Client Services for assistance.

Secondary Header Source

The Secondary Header Source is a second set of instructions that UltraLinq follows to refine what header to populate.  This setting is visible to Admin users both in Referring Physician and Location profiles. 



A Secondary Source points UltraLinq to specific user or Location’s “Report Header Information”, and uses that to populate the header of the report.  This information may be configured for each user and Location.




The first step in populating the correct header is knowing the Primary Header Source.  Again, please contact Client Services for clarification on this setting for your account.

Next, make sure that the Primary Header Source is present on each exam.  For example, if your Primary Header Source is Location, you must have a Location assigned to your exam.

Ensure that the Secondary Header Source is configured correctly.  If the Secondary Header Source is not “Use this user’s information” or “Use this location’s information”, make sure the information for the target is formatted correctly.



Company Information

If the Primary Header Source is not present on an exam, UltraLinq will default to the “Company Information”.  The Company Information is located on the “Company Information” link on the “Admin” page.

The Company Information will always appear left-justified in the report header.  

Finally, when using Company Information for your header, you can include a footer on your reports by entering the text in the “Miscellaneous 3” field.

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