Understanding Linked Users

If a user requires access to multiple accounts, it is not necessary for him to have multiple usernames/passwords.  UltraLinq can implement "links" between different accounts to facilitate access to many accounts with only one username.


For example:

Doctor A logs into Account 1 with his username.

Doctor A would also like to see his exams in Account 2 by logging in with the same username.

The administrator from Account 2 creates a user for Doctor A, but does not configure a username/password.

UltraLinq Client Services creates a link between Doctor A's users.  When Doctor A logs into Account 1 with his username, he can see all of his exams from Account 2.


If you are an account administrator, and wish to add a linked user to your account, please create a user with the following fields completed:



Do not check the "User may log in" box.  

Add any additional roles and permissions as required for this user.  Note that "Admin Login" permission cannot be linked.  Administrator users must log directly into the account they wish to administer.

 Make sure to activate the new user once your changes have been saved.

Finally, reach out to UltraLinq Client Services with a request for the link to be added.  

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