Sonographer Quick Reference

1.  Begin by logging in at

2.  Upon logging in, you will see the main exam screen. 

From this page you may:

  • Search for exams using the search fields and filters at the top.
  • Save a copy of your search results to a spreadsheet using the "Export Exam List" function.
  • View any of the exams in the list by clicking on the patient's name.


3.  When viewing an exam, you may adjust patient demographics, view images/clips, or make adjustments to the worksheet.

  • Exam Listing Default Status determines if you see unread exams, read exams or a combination of both when you login
  • Exam Listing Default Sort determines the order in which exams are displayed, the default option is Exam Date which sorts exams by newest/oldest exam date.
  • Exam Listing Default Sort Direction determines if the oldest or newest exams are listed first (if sorting by date), or if the exams are sorted A-Z (if sorting by specific role)

- Ascending puts the Oldest exam first

- Descending puts the  Youngest exam first


5.  Some other notable Preferences:

  • You may also adjust whether or not you receive copies of finalized exam reports using the Delivery Preference option
  • Send Unread Notification will send you e-mails once, twice, or four times daily alerting you that new exams have been uploaded
  • Further information regarding Preferences is available via this link.


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