Generating Stress Clips

UltraLinq can generate stress clips to synchronize pre- and post-exercise clips, organizing them into the appropriate sequence.

To generate stress clips, you need:

  • The Study Assign permission to change exam types. Contact your account administrator if you do not have this permission.
  • An ultrasound device that exports exams in DICOM format.
  • An ultrasound device with a supported stress package. Contact Client Services to see if your device qualifies.
  • The UltraLinq Stress Clip Generator. Contact Client Services to enable the Stress Clip Generator.

Generate stress clips by following these steps.

Note: The following screenshots are from the Flash viewer.

  1. Navigate to the Clips & Stills tab of the Exam page.
  2. Make sure patient demographics, exam information, and additional options are visible. Click to show these fields.
  3. In the patient demographics area, click the Exam Type link. A drop-down list appears. Select Cardiac: Stress, and click Change exam type.
  4. Click the Generate Stress Clips button.
  5. A pop-up window appears. Click Generate.
  6. Wait for the stress clips to generate. UltraLinq combines the eight clips into sets of two. New clips appear first in the thumbnail list. When the new clips are selected, they play in sync and display a timestamp.
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