Changing the Exam Type

The imaging modality used to capture an exam determines the exam type in UltraLinq. The exam type is usually added automatically, but when UltraLinq does not receive specific information from the modality, a company-specific default exam type is assigned.

The exam type can be changed in UpLinq or UltraLinq.

Note: You must have the Study Assign permission to change exam types. Contact your account administrator if you do not have this permission.

  1. On the Exam page, make sure patient demographics, exam information, and additional options are visible. Click to show these fields.
  2. Click the Exam Type link.
  3. A drop-down list appears. Select the new exam type from the list. Click Change exam type.
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    Arshad Arshia

    i need access to change exam type as per needed. i don't have access to change yet.

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    Lorna Tonn

    What does that mean? When will you?

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