Assigning Exams

Assign exams to users by following these steps.

Note: You must have the Study Assign permission to assign exams. Contact your account administrator if you do not have this permission.

  1. On the Exam page, make sure patient demographics, exam information, and additional options are visible. Click to show these fields.
  2. You can assign a sonographer, a referring clinician, and one or more clinicians with interpreting access. Click the Sonographer, Referring, or Interpreting Access link to assign users.
  3. When assigning a sonographer or referring clinician, a drop-down list appears under the link. Select the user from the list. Click Change sonographer or Change referring.
    When assigning one or more clinicians with interpreting access, one or more users appear under the link. Check the boxes next to the users you want to assign to the exam. Click 
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