Calibrating Images and Clips

NOTICE: Users are responsible for proper calibration. UltraLinq is not responsible for any incorrect calibrations.

Calibrate images and clips to enable measurement verifications.

UltraLinq automatically calibrates DICOM exams. DICOM exams may need to be re-calibrated.

Calibrating Images and Clips

Calibrate images and clips by following these steps. Pause a clip before calibrating it.

1. From the Single view of the Clips & Stills tab on the Exam page, click . The Image Tools panel appears.

2. Click the text Calibrated or Uncalibrated to expand calibration options.

3. Draw a line on the image or paused clip by clicking or dragging.

4. Enter a corresponding value in the Measurement field.

5. Select a unit from the Unit drop-down list.

6. Click Set.



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