UpLinq 4 Install Instructions

UpLinq 4 has a much streamlined installation process compared to UpLinq 2.  Please follow the steps below to complete the install process.

1.  Request the link to download UpLinq 4 from UltraLinq Client Services.

2.  Run the installer, and it will take you to the configuration wizard.

3.  Begin by entering your customer ID and hit "Next".  This will be provided by UltraLinq Client Services.



4.  On the following screen, enter the domain to which you will upload.  The default is "https://app.ultralinq.net".  For UK clients, enter "https://app.ultralinq.co.uk".  



5.  Enter local admin credentials that UpLinq can use to run its Scheduled Tasks.



6.  Pick an install directory.

7.  Select all components and complete the installation.


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