Completing Worksheets


Users must carefully review all information for proper data population and clinical accuracy.


It is the physician's responsibility to make diagnoses or interpretations based on all available information. UltraLinq is not intended to perform diagnosis. UltraLinq Healthcare Solutions, Inc. will not be responsible for diagnoses or interpretations made by physicians.

NOTICE: Any changes in the worksheet must be saved to appear in the report. However, not all worksheet fields appear in the report.

NOTICE: All measurements must be numeric characters only.

Worksheet fields vary by exam type. To customize worksheets, contact Client Services.

Complete an exam's worksheet by following these steps.

  1. Navigate to the Worksheet tab on the Exam page.
  2. Enter information in the worksheet's header section.
  3. Click to include images with the exam's report.
  4. In the Study Data section, measurements may be prepopulated by the imaging modality. Check existing measurements and add any missing measurements manually. When normal ranges are included on the worksheet, UltraLinq highlights results that fall outside normal ranges.
  5. In the Physician Review section, findings are organized by anatomical categories. Add findings by clicking on existing presets and comments. Expand existing presets and comments by clicking on the name of the category on the right side of the Physician Review section. You can also add and edit findings manually.

    Hovering over an anatomical category with your cursor shows additional options.

    1. Click to add a new comment box to an anatomical category.
    2. Click to copy a comment to the Conclusions category.
    3. Click to move a comment up, and click to move a comment down.
    4. Click next to a comment to delete that comment. Click below the comments to delete all comments in the anatomical category.
  6. In the CPT and ICD Codes section, add billing codes. Click on a CPT code in the CPT window on the right side of the section to add it to the CPT category automatically. Type a keyword or ICD code in the ICD search bar on the right side of the section, and click on the result to add it to the ICD-10 category automatically.

    Note: An account administrator can customize a quick list of up to five ICD-10 codes for an exam type.

  7. Click Save Worksheet at the top or bottom of the page. UltraLinq directs you to the Report tab automatically.
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