Auto-Populating Measurements

It is possible to auto-populate UltraLinq's worksheets by sending measurement information via DICOM Structured Reporting.  The process of translating the measurements from your device's Structured Reporting to UltraLinq's worksheets is called "mapping".

If you wish to have your measurements mapped, there are some basics to consider:

Make sure your ultrasound machine is licensed for Structured Reporting, and that the function is enabled.  Depending on the device model, UltraLinq Client Services may be able to assist with enabling the option.

Mapping must be done for all software revisions of all devices.  If your device receives an upgrade, UltraLinq will need to re-do the mapping.

Mapping must be done for all exam types.  Please try to send a sample exam of each type you will upload so that we can efficiently complete the mapping.

The formatting of Structured Reporting can vary across devices; therefore, UltraLinq may not parse measurements from every machine, even with Structured Reporting.  If you have questions about whether your device can be mapped, please contact UltraLinq Client Services to arrange a test transfer.

Depending on the queue of work, and complexity of your Structured Reporting, mapping can take from a few days to several weeks to complete.  Please plan accordingly when submitting exams for mapping.


Once you have uploaded exams that UltraLinq may reference for mapping, e-mail, or use the "Chat" button on this page to let us know.

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