Reprocessing Exams and Fixing Errors

The red "!" indicates that an exam uploaded with an error.  There are several reasons the error may have occurred:

  • The original file transferred from the ultrasound device was deleted while the exam was uploading.
  • There are mulitple instances of the UpLinq software running.
  • The file sent from the ultrasound device is corrupt.
  • The information transferred from the computer to UltraLinq's servers is not complete (i.e. - filesizes, names of files, or quantity of files are different from what the server expected to receive)

Most often, this can be fixed by reprocessing the exam in UpLinq.  In some instances, it is necessary to resend the exam from the ultrasound device prior to reprocessing.

To reprocess an exam in UpLinq:

Right-click on the exam showing the “!”, and select “reprocess” from the bottom of the drop down menu.

You may also want to try re-uploading the exam via this process.

If you have done this, and still receive an error message and/or are missing any images, please call or email Client Services (800-227-2956 option 1 or

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