Adding Existing Exams to UpLinq

NOTICE: Do not shut down your computer while running UpLinq. This results in database corruption or duplicated exams uploaded to UltraLinq.

NOTICE: The exam file size limit for still images is 10 MB.

If using an Internet connection of 1 mbps, and if the image size is less than 200 KB, an exam uploaded through UpLinq can be viewed in UltraLinq within 20 minutes. When multiple exams are uploaded as a group under these conditions, the exams can be viewed in UltraLinq within 20 minutes multiplied by the number of exams:

For example, if 3 exams, each less than 200 KB, are uploaded through a 1 mbps Internet connection, those exams are available to view in UltraLinq within 60 minutes (20 minutes x 3 exams).

Add existing exams to UpLinq by following these steps.

Note: If the error, "Editor form data not set" appears, no worksheet has been configured within UpLinq. Contact Client Services to enable the worksheet, and then restart UpLinq.

  1. Click on the Exam List toolbar.
  2. Select the ultrasound machine type. Click Next.
  3. Click Browse to select the source directory where the exam files can be found. Then click Search.
  4. Click Yes to add the found exams.
  5. In the Exam List toolbar, click to process the exam.
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