Merging Exams

NOTICE: Do not merge exams from two different patients in UltraLinq. Merging removes patient demographic data from the exam in the left column. Merging exams is irreversible. There is no way to undo a merge.

Merge Unread exams by following these steps.

Note: Only two exams can be merged at one time. If merging more than two exams, make multiple merges.

  1. From the Exam List, check the boxes next to the exams to be merged.
  2. Click in the Admin menu. A pop-up window appears.
  3. The information (including images and clips) from the exam in the left column will push into the exam in the right column. After merging, the images and clips from the exam in the right column will appear first. To switch the exams in the left and right columns, click Swap.
  4. Click Save. The merged exam appears in the Exam List.
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