Administrator Export

Only study administrators can export multiple exams by using Administrator Export. 

Administrator Export will bundle all the exams into the one file.

  • All users can export exams one at a time and individually using Quick export.
  • If you wish to download just a single image or clip see the following Article.

Exports can be generated in ISO and ZIP formats.

  • ISO files are container files used to burn CDs and DVDs.
  • Zip Files are used when storing/viewing the images on a hard-drive or USB.

DICOM files can also be exported. You only need to use this option if viewing the exams on another PACs system or viewer which supports DICOM. 

Note: You must have access to the exam you want to export.

Using Admin Export

Note: If you have the following options on the exam search screen you are a study admin, if not, you can use quick export to export individual exams. If you require the study admin permissions you must contact your account administrator. 

1. From the Exam List, check the boxes next to the exams you want to export. 

 2. Select Export from the admin task-bar.

3. You can add the selected exam(s) to an existing export or create a new export. If adding to an existing export, select the existing export from the drop-down list.

If creating a new export, enter a name for the file in the Name field.

4. Select whether to generate the export in ZIP or ISO format. You can also check options for only including selected images and including DICOM files.

5. Click Save.

6. UltraLinq redirects to the Export page. where you can:

  • Review the exams added to the export.
  • Remove Exam(s) if required


  • You can add additional exams by:
    • Returning to the exam list
    • Select the additional exam(s) and Export. (As per steps 1-2 above)
    • Select Add to existing export. 
    • Pick the name of the export from the drop-down menu.


7. Select Generate Export.

8. Once Generated Select Download. 

If you have chosen ISO format you can burn to CD/DVD as per the following article.

Note: DICOM exports will generally be very large and can take quite a while to generate.

  •  The DICOM files must be imported into a 3rd party DICOM Viewer; there is no native DICOM viewer on the CD.  
  • The DICOM files are located in the "Exam_DICOM" folder.  All exams are separated by patient name and Date of Service.



If you wish to view your current Export list you can do so by selecting View Exports from the Shortcuts menu on the main page.



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