Reuploading an Exam

By default, UpLinq will not allow you to upload duplicate exams; however, a need to do so often arises.  This article will guide you through the process of clearing UpLinq’s history to allow duplicate exams to upload.

 1. In UpLinq select File -> Preferences

2. Make a note of the DICOM Directory and Encoded Directory. The below screenshot shows folders c:\studies and c:\encoded, this is our most common setup, your directories may be different however.


3. Close UpLinq.

4. Navigate to the directories in Windows and delete the contents of both folders. Do not delete the folders themselves:

In the example below the DICOM directory is c:\studies (remember that yours may be different based on the locations you noted in step 2). Do not delete the whole studies folder

  • Select all the files in the folder (Shortcut Key = 'Ctrl+a')
  • Right click and select Delete

5. Do the same for your encoded directory.


6. Navigate to C:\ProgramData\UltraLinq\UpLinq 2.7.'X'   



7. Delete the history file:

The history file is “UpLinq.mdb”. The “MDB” extension may not be visible, depending on your settings.  The type should be listed as “Microsoft Access Database” or “Master Database”.

Delete this file: (shown below are two different ways the file may appear on your computer)




8. Open UpLinq and resend your exam



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