Ultrasound DICOM Configuration

You must configure a DICOM Server in order to send exams direct from your ultrasound modality to UpLinq.

Each modality has a different set of menus in order to configure the DICOM Server, however the basic settings are the same.

DICOM Server Settings

IP Address: This is the IP Address of the computer running the UpLinq software.


AE Title: ULTRALINQ (must be all CAPS)

Port: 10104                  

*Additional info (not always present)*

Allow Multiframe: Should be enabled.

SR (Structured Reporting): Should be enabled.

Device Guides

*Note: UltraLinq only provide support for device configurations in order to setup the DICOM server. Ultimately if we cannot assist with setting up your Ultrasound modality you will need to revert to your vendor.

The following guides can be used to assist in setting up the DICOM server. Most of the guides start with configuring the IP address of the modality. If you do not need to change any of the IP settings you can skip to the DICOM server configuration.

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