Removing UpLinq

If you are updating to a newer version of UpLinq you will first need to remove the current installed version.

Remove Study Data

1. Open your existing version of UpLinq. Open Preferences.

2. Note the directories for DICOM and encoded. the below screenshot shows folders c:\studies and c:\encoded, this is our most common setup, your directories may be different however.

3. Close UpLinq.

4. Navigate to the folders in Windows and delete the contents of both folders. Do not delete the folders themselves:

In the example above the DICOM directory is c:\studies. Do not delete the whole studies folder

  • Double click on it to view the files
  • Select all the files in the folder
  • Right click and select Delete

Do the same for the encoded location.

Remove UpLinq 

You can now uninstall UpLinq

1. Open Control Panel

  • Select the windows icon in the bottom left corner and type 'Control Panel' into the search box. 


2. Type 'add or remove' in the search bar,

3.Select the option 'Add or remove programs'


4. Find UpLinq 2.7 in the list, right click and select Uninstall 


Remove Quicktime

If Quicktime appears in the list of installed programs, remove it in the same was as UpLinq.




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