Assigning a Location to an Exam

Within UltraLinq, you can create multiple Locations to associate with exams.  Locations are very flexible, and allow for much functionality, including:

  1. Reporting of exam volume by Location.
  2. Report delivery by Location.
  3. Custom headers.
  4. Triggering of Workflow Rules and automation.

Locations must be configured by the account administrator.  Once added to the account, you may assign them via one of two methods:

  1. Automatically based on data received from the modality.
  2. Manually on UltraLinq.

To assign an exam using the second option:

1.  Begin by clicking on the patient's name in the main exam page.

2.  On the "Clips & Stills" tab, click on "Edit" in the demographics area.  If you do not see the "Edit" button, click on "Expand" to show the demographics.


3.  In the demographics window, click on the "Location" drop-down, and select the appropriate Location.

4.  Click "Save" to save your change.

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