Making User Assignments

User assignments serve several purposes:

  1. They give users access to exams.
  2. They allow for users' names to appear on reports.

User assignments are granted via one of two methods:

  1. Assigned automatically based on information inherited from the modality.
  2. Assigned manually by another user's action.

This article will outline the steps to manually assign users to exams.  If you wish to explore automatic assignment of users to exams, please contact UltraLinq Client Services to discuss the process.

Making Assignments in UpLinq

The UpLinq software can be used to manually assign users to exams.  To do so, right-click on the name of the patient in the UpLinq software and select "Edit Exam Worksheet":



In the exam worksheet, select the appropriate users from the drop-down boxes.  When you save you worksheet, the assignments are then applied.



Making Assignments in UltraLinq

Users with the "Study Assign" permission, may assign exams to other users.  To do so, begin by navigating to the exam viewer.  At the top of the viewer, the demographics should be displayed.  If you do not see the demographics, click the "Expand" button.



In the demographics area, click the link next to each role to access a drop-down box.  The drop-down box will contain all of the users associated with that role.  



Select the correct one, and click "Change..."



The exam is now assigned.  That user may access the exam when he/she logs into UltraLinq.  Additionally, that user will be listed on the final report in that role.


Making Administrative Assignments

Some users may need access to exams, but may not fall into easily defined roles, or only need one-off access.  UltraLinq provides a workflow to grant this level of access.  Note this workflow is only available to account admins.

-  Begin by loading the images for the exam.

-  Click on the “Admin” tab, to the right of the “Report” tab.



-  In the “Study Assignments” section, click on “Add Assignment”. 


-  Select the user who needs access and click "Assign".  This will grant the user access to this exam.


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