Comparing Prior Exams

If a patient has prior exams, it is possible to compare the images side-by-side.  Note that this will open two sets of images simultaneously; it is recommended to have a monitor resolution of 1920 x 1080 (or greater) to appropriately view the exams.

 You can find instructions on checking/changing your resolution via these links:



To enable the side-by-side view, begin by loading the new exam for the patient.  Click the "Other Exams" box in the demographic area to display a list of prior exams.

In the "Other Exams" window, locate the prior exam you wish to compare against the new exam, and click the "Compare" link.  The page will reload; so, make sure to save any changes prior to comparing.

Finally, you will see a side-by-side view.  The prior exam will appear on the left, with the current exam on the right.  In Compare mode, you will have access to all viewer controls for each exam.

This view generates a "Compare" tab.  You can switch back to viewing only the original exam by clicking the "Clips and Stills" tab, or proceed to the worksheet as normal.

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