"Windows Media Player cannot find the file...."

If you receive the following error message while trying to view loops within Cardiostream, you can correct the issue by uninstalling/re-installing Windows Media Player.


To uninstall/re-install Windows Media Player in Windows XP:

1.  Navigate to Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs.

2.  Locate Windows Media Player and uninstall it.

3.  Download and re-install the software via this website.



To uninstall/re-install Windows Media Player in Windows 7 and newer:

1.  Navigate to Control Panel -> Programs -> Programs and Features

2.  On the left side, select the option for "Turn Windows features On or Off".

3.  Un-check the option for "Media Features" -> "Windows Media Player".

4.  Save your changes and reboot.

5.  Upon restarting, proceed through steps 1-3 again, except check the option to enable Windows Media Player.

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