Using Large Monitor Support

What is "Large Monitor Support"?

Large Monitor Support (LMS) allows users with wider monitors to view their images and worksheets side-by-side.  When enabled, all functionality of both the image viewer and worksheet is available.

Who may use LMS?

In order to use LMS, a monitor with a minimum browser size of 1600 x 900 is required.  To check the size of your monitor, right click on any image in the viewer.

In addition to having an appropriately sized browser window, the zoom setting within your browser must be set to 100%.  You can find information for adjusting browser zoom via the following links.



Internet Explorer


If you browser is not set to 100% zoom, you will see the following window.

How do I enable LMS?

To enable LMS:

1.  Load the exam so you are looking at the images.

2.  Click on an image to load single-view.

3.  Click on the "Options" icon on the left, just above the thumbnails.

4.  Hover the cursor over "View Options".  In the sub-menu that appears, click on "Large Monitor Support".

Using LMS

Once LMS is enabled, you can interact with the worksheet and images exactly as you would independently.  If the Worksheet pane is not wide enough, you may expand it using the re-size bar.  The image will re-size automatically.



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