Using Admin Reports

There are several varieties of report available to admin users within UltraLinq.  To access them, begin by clicking on the "Reports" link on the Admin page.

The list of reports includes:

  • Fax Report - Displays fax activity for a specified time frame.
  • Study Report - Displays a list of exams that match a desired criteria.
  • Study Data Report - Expands on the Study Report to include all worksheet data.

Once an report type has been selected, the options for the exam parameters become available:

  • You can name the individual report for your reference.
  • Select a format for the exam.

CSV opens in Excel or Number.
PDF opens in Acrobat Reader (or comparable products).
HTML opens in a browser or can be parsed by other applications.

  • Filter the report by a type of user, and then choose a specific user.  (Note for Study Data Report this option is not utilized.)
  • Select whether you would like your report to return results based on the following:

  Date of Service (best for tracking referring physician activity)
  Uploaded Date (best for reconciling your UltraLinq invoice)
  Finalized Date (best for tracking reading physician activity)

  • Choose a length of time for the report, or choose a specific date range. Selecting the “Since:” and “Specific Dates:” provides a calendar to select dates.
  • Provide one or more e-mail address (separated by a comma) to receive the report.


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