UltraLinq Batch Mode

UltraLinq's Batch Mode allows physicians to sign multiple exams by only entering their password once.


Note that Batch Mode must be enabled within your account by UltraLinq Client Services.  There is no charge for use of Batch Mode. 


Using Batch Mode

Batch Mode appears as an alternate the "Finalize Exam" button when reading.  On the "Worksheet" and "Report" tabs, the physicians will see links at the top of the page to add or remove exams to a batch.

When adding the first exam to a batch, only the "Skip" and "Add and Next" links appear, along with the number of exams still unread.  

"Skip" allows you to proceed to the next exam, without adding the current exam to the batch.  

"Add and Next" will add the current exam to the batch, and move to the next unread exam in the queue.  Note that if you click on "Add and Next" on the Worksheet tab, UltraLinq will automatically save any changes made to your worksheet.



After one exams is added to a batch, a "Previous" link becomes available so you may backtrack to past exams.  



After two or more exams are added to a batch, options to "Assign" and "Finalize Batch" become available.



"Assign" allows you to transfer a batch to a Reviewer for over-reading purposes.  This workflow is uncommon.

"Finalize Batch" allows you to apply a digital signature to a batch.  Once finalized, all exams in the batch turn to "Finalized" status.  Any faxes, e-mails, HL7 messages or FTP transfers will occur as normal.

Prior to finalizing, UltraLinq will display a list of exams in the current batch.



Managing Batches

If work on a batch is stopped before finalization, users may return to the batch to remove exams or finalize the batch.  If a session is interrupted, no new exams may be added to an existing batch.

Any exam already added to a batch, will appear in the exam list with a "B" icon.





Clicking on one of these exams allows you to navigate the exams in the batch and finalize that batch; however, you cannot add more exams to the batch via this method.



To view existing batches, click the "Batches" link in the Study Admin section.



In the "Batches" page, you may:


1.  Begin viewing the batch from the first exam.

2.  View a list of exams in the batch, and remove any if desired.

3.  Assign the batch to a reviewer for over-reading purposes.

4.  Finalize the batch.



Please contact UltraLinq Client Services for any further questions regarding Batch Mode.


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