Adding Users

1.  Begin by clicking on "Admin", in the top-right corner of the Core page. 


2.  On the Admin page, click on the link for "Users".


3.  Click on "Add a User" on the left side of the list of users.


 4.  Complete the "Info" section as desired.  Note that a "Code" and e-mail address are required.  

"Codes" are used in workflows where users are assigned to exams automatically.  This workflow requires that your modality send information that is used to relate users to exams.  If you wish to pursue this workflow, please contact UltraLinq Client Services for more information.

If you do not with to pursue this workflow, you may enter an arbitrary value in the "Code" field.



5.  If this user must log into UltraLinq, check the box for "User may log in" and enter a username and temporary password.  Note that usernames are unique product-wide; so, you may receive and error if the username is taken.  

Users are prompted to change a password after first login.



6.  The "General Permissions" and "Roles" sections define the level of access for a user.  It is possible to have users with no "General Permissions" and no "Roles".

General Permissions

Access all exams - lets the user see every exam within the account.

View all finalized exams - a sub-set of "Access all exams".  Only displays Finalized exams by default.

Study Admin - Provides access to the admin functions on the Core page.

Admin Login - Grants access to the "Admin" link in the top-right corner of the Core page.

Study Assign - Allows a user to assign exams to other users.



Sonographer - Allows a user to be listed as the sonographer for an exam.  Also grants access to the Worksheet tab in the viewer.

Reviewer - Used in Batch Mode workflows only.  Allows batches to be re-assigned to this user for over-reading.

Interpreting Physician - Allows a user to digitally sign reports.  There are two secondary options:

1.  Complete Reports Offline - This option is only used in archiving workflows.  Allows a digital signature to occur without a report generating.  This is inappropriate for most workflows.

2.  Specify a signature image... - Allows you to upload a picture of the physician's actual signature.

Referring/Ordering Physician - Allows the user to be defined as a Referring Physician or Ordering Physician (if enabled).


7.  Hit "Save" when done.  Note there is one final step - activation.


8.  After hitting Save, you will arrive at a summary page.  Click on "Activate User" on the left side (next to "Edit User").  You will only have this option if you are listed as one of your account's "HIPAA Officers".  For more information about becoming a HIPAA Officer, please contact UltraLinq Client Services.


9.  You may leave the box checked to send an e-mail to the new user.  Note if you do, a new password is generated and included in the e-mail.



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