Generating Stress Clips

UltraLinq’s Stress Clip Generator is used to synchronize pre/post exercise clips, and organize them in the appropriate sequence.

 The following conditions must be met in order to utilize the Stress Clip Generator: 

  1. The ultrasound device must export exams in DICOM format
  2. The ultrasound device must have a supported stress package. Please contact UltraLinq   Client Services to determine if your device is compatible.
  3. The Stress Clip Generator must be enabled by UltraLinq Client Services

Once the above conditions have been met, you can create stress clips through the following process: 

  • View the “Clips & Stills” of the exam.
  • Set the exam type for the appropriate exam to “Stress”. Users must have the “Study Assign” permission enabled to adjust exam types.
  • Click the “Generate Stress Clips” button



UltraLinq will begin combining the 8 clips into sets of 2.  New clips will appear first in the list of thumbnails, and when selected, will play in sync.  The clips will also have a date/time stamp.





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