Burning CDs from UltraLinq


UltraLinq offers two options for creating hardcopies of exams:

  1. Quick Export which allows users to create a hardcopy of one exam. There are no permission limitations for this function.
  2. Administrator Export which allows users with the “Study Admin” permission to create hardcopies containing multiple exams.


Exports may be generated in two formats:  ZIP and ISO.  The default is ISO, which is a container file used to burn CDs.  Windows 7, 8 and Mac OS have native support for these files; Windows XP users will need 3rd party software like Roxio CD Creator to utilize ISO files.

UltraLinq suggests PowerISO as a free option for Windows XP users.


Once you have downloaded the ISO file, you can use the disk image to burn the exam to CD.  Below are instructions based on operating system:

Windows 7/8:

Windows Disk Image Burner 


Windows 10:

Scroll down to "How to burn an ISO file to disc"


Mac OS:

Mac OS' Disk Utility to burn the CD. 


Do not copy the ISO file to the CD and burn it that way; the result would be a CD with an ISO file as opposed to the exam within a viewer.



Quick Export


The Quick Export function is available on every exam.  To utilize this function, users must have access to the exam for which they wish to create a hardcopy. 

  • Begin by viewing the exam.
  • On the right side of the page, click “Quick Export” (located just underneath the patient demographics).
  • This will load the Export page. The export will begin to generate automatically.  Once complete a “Download Export” link will allow you to download the file.





To export DICOM, please review this article: Exporting DICOM




Administrator Export

The Administrator Export is accessed from the main exam page.  Only users with the “Study Admin” permission may access the Administrator Export.


Prior to clicking “Export” you must check the selection box to the left of the exam(s) you wish to export.  Because exams may be on multiple pages, situations may arise where you cannot have the necessary exams listed together on one page.  The Administrator Export allows you to create exports and then add other exams to them after creation. 

You can begin with one exam and create the export, then add additional exams.

After checking the selection box for the desired exam(s), click “Export”.  You will see the following dialogue box.



Clicking “Save” will bring you to the Export page.  Once the export has generated, a link to download it will become available (see "Quick Export" for more information).


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