Burning CDs from UltraLinq


UltraLinq offers two options for creating hardcopies of exams:

  1. Quick Export which allows users to create a hardcopy of one exam. There are no permission limitations for this function.
  2. Administrator Export which allows users with the “Study Admin” permission to create hardcopies containing multiple exams.

 Exports may be generated in two formats:  ZIP and ISO.  The default is ISO, which is a container file used to burn CDs.  Windows 7, 8 and Mac OS have native support for these files.

Once you have downloaded the ISO file, you can use the disk image to burn the exam to CD.  Below are instructions based on operating system:

Windows 7/8:

Windows Disk Image Burner 

Windows 10:

Scroll down to "How to burn an ISO file to disc"

Mac OS:

Mac OS' Disk Utility to burn the CD. 

Do not copy the ISO file to the CD and burn it that way; the result would be a CD with an ISO file as opposed to the exam within a viewer.




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