Configuring the Worksheet View

Using the Worksheet View

UltraLinq’s Worksheet View displays measurements simultaneously with images and clips in an non-obtrusive and easily accessed format.  Any user with permission to view an exam may utilize the Worksheet View; however, initial configuration is required by an account administrator.

To access the Worksheet View:

1) From the main exam page, click on the name of a patient to view the images and clips for the exam.  Note that only exams in “Unread” status will display the Worksheet View configuration.

2) Above the exam thumbnails, click the icon for the Worksheet Viewer (highlighted below in  orange).


The account administrator must configure the Worksheet View for each exam type according to your account’s needs.  If the Worksheet View has not been configured for the active exam type, you will see the following message displayed: 



If the Worksheet View has been configured for this exam type, a list of configured measurements will be displayed in the margin to the right of the image or clip.  The measurements will be displayed while scrolling through the images or clips; however, switching to dual or quad views will remove the measurements from display.

Measurements transferred from the ultrasound device, or previously entered on the Worksheet tab, will be displayed in the appropriate fields.  Changes made within the Measurement Viewer are    reflected on the Worksheet tab.  Any changes must be saved via the Worksheet tab to appear on the final report.


Configuring the Worksheet View

If the Worksheet Viewer has been not configured, a user with administrator permission will need to complete a one-time setup for each exam type.  In this setup, the administrator will select which measurements should display for this exam type, how they should be categorized, and how they should be labeled.

To being the process, click on the “Measurement Viewer” icon while viewing an exam.


Next, click the “Edit” button above the instructional message.  This will load the “Edit Worksheet View” dialogue.

To begin, click “Create Group”. 

This will provide you with a field to title your new category, and a space to which you may drag measurements.  Once you have titled your category, you may begin dragging measurements from the right column, to the designated area in the left column.



You may create as many groups as necessary; they will all appear in the right margin once saved.

Each measurement must be labeled; otherwise, they will appear without a descriptor when using the Worksheet Viewer.




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