Using UltraLinq's OCR Tools

What is OCR?

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) allows UltraLinq to convert measurement information from images into text that can populate the worksheet study data; thus, OCR can eliminate the manual entry of measurement information from images to the worksheets.


Why OCR?

The preferred method of populating exams in UltraLinq’s worksheets is using the   Structured Reporting information transferred from the modality.  If your device does not support Structured Reporting, OCR is a solution that will improve accuracy and speed for sonographers and physicians.  No software is required to use the OCR tool; however, UltraLinq Client Services must enable the functionality for you. 

 If your device supports Structured Reporting, UltraLinq suggests using that as the primary method of populating measurements in the worksheet.


Using OCR

Because the OCR tool utilizes information from the exam images to populate the worksheet, you must acquire the images of the worksheet or report on the modality.  After upload, these images should appear at the end of the list of the thumbnails for each exam.



Viewing the worksheet images in the Single View will display an “OCR” icon to the right of the viewing modes.



Clicking the OCR button will open the OCR window.  A brief process will run to determine what measurements are present.


All measurements should be confirmed for accuracy.  Clicking the “Included” field to the left of the measurement will determine if the value is applied to the worksheet or not.  Clicking “Save” will apply your changes to the worksheet.

OCR must be mapped for all devices and exam types in the same fashion DICOM Structured Reporting must be mapped.  If some measurements are missing from the OCR window, they may not have been mapped.  Please contact UltraLinq Client Services for assistance in these cases.

Additionally, many report images contain a background which may interfere with the OCR tool.  If your device places a background on the report images which affects the OCR tool, UltraLinq suggests reaching out to the vendor to discuss disabling the background.  UltraLinq Client Services is glad to assist with this process. 

To schedule a conference call with the vendor and UltraLinq please contact us at 800-227-2956 option 1.






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