Interpreting Physician Quick Reference



You may log into UltraLinq at, or

 Upon logging into UltraLinq, you will find yourself at the Core page.



 The search options at the top of the page may be used to limit what exams (or type of exams) are displayed. 


The Preferences screen contains many user-specific settings.  You can find more information about the Preferences page via this link.


The icon next to each patients’ name shows the status.




  Open for Amendment


To access the images for an exam, click the patient’s name.  Alternately, you may click the “Images” or “Worksheet” links on the right side of the page.



The “Clips and Stills” tab shows thumbnails of all the images within the exam.  Click on any of the thumbnails to show the image in full size.  Note that UltraLinq will either increase or decrease the zoom according to the size of your monitor.  You may adjust the zoom via the controls located on the right, just above the image.



Use the “Next” and “Previous” arrows to advance images, or the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard.  Mouse wheel scrolling is not supported at this time.

You may switch to a dual or quad view via the buttons on the left, on top of the “Clips and Stills” tab.  Limited re-measuring tools are available via the “Measure View” icon on the right.  More information about the Measure View is available via this link.



On the “Worksheet” tab, you can generate a report.  In the “Physician Review” portion, the right side of the page contains verbiage that you may use to complete the report.  Click on any of the statements in the picklists to copy them to the report preview on the left.

 You may also use the “Report Presets” to populate a pre-configured template.


Statements in the report preview may be edited by free-typing; or, you can add your own statement by hovering the cursor over the appropriate category and hitting the “+” icon.



It is possible to add your own statements to picklists, and your own Report Presets via the “Add Comments/Presets” button.  More information about adding comments/presets is available via this link.



When the preliminary report is complete, click on “Save Worksheet” at the bottom of the page.  This will take you to a preview of the report. 


To digitally sign the report, click on “Finalize Exam” and enter your password to apply a digital signature.


Once a report has been signed, you can amend it via the “Amend Report” link located on the right.  More information about amending reports is available via this link.


When finished, click “Exams” on the left to return your exam list.






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