Changing Exam Types

UltraLinq relies on information from your modality to determine which type of exam to display upon upload.  In situations where UltraLinq does not receive specific information, we populate a company-specific default exam type.  

There are two ways to change an exam type.  First, if you have access to the UpLinq 2.5 software you may edit the exam type via the UpLinq worksheet.  To access the worksheet, right click on the patient's name and select "Edit Exam Worksheet".


In the worksheet dialogue that appears, click on the drop-down box for "Exam Type", and select the appropriate exam type.  Hit "Save" to retain your selection.



To change an exam type via the UltraLinq website, begin by navigating to the exam you wish to change.  If the demographics are not displayed, you will need to this the "Expand" button in the top-center of the page.

In the demographics area, click the link for "Exam Type". 

 This will display a drop-down box of  available worksheets.  Select the correct one, and hit "Change Exam Type".  Note this will refresh the page, and you will lose any unsaved data.

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