Dual Monitor Viewing

While UltraLinq does not have integrated functionality to view an exam's images/clips side-by-side with the exam worksheet, you may still view them simultaneously.  


To view the images and worksheet together on one monitor:

1.  Before viewing the patient’s study, on the Main Exam Screen, right-click on the patient’s name and select “Open Link in New Window”.  This will open a new window with the patient’s images and clips.

2.  In the original window, left-click on the patient’s name. 

3.  Now the exam is open in two web browsers; both discussing the images and clips.  Click "Worksheet" in one of the browsers, and re-size both windows to the desired size.


To view the images and worksheet on two monitors:

1.  First, set your desktop settings to "Extend the Desktop".  Instructions to extend your desktop are here:

  • 2.  Open an exam in two browser windows by following the steps listed above.
  • 3.  Drag one of the windows from the first monitor to the second.


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