Notification of New Exams

UltraLinq allows individual users and account administrators to opt-in to e-mail notices when new exams are available.

 For individual users, you can adjust this setting by clicking "Preferences" on the top-right corner of the Main Exam Page.  Within the Preferences menu, you can select the option to "Send Unread Notification" and choose from the available options. 

Options include:

- Send Once Daily (e-mails delivered at midnight)

- Send Twice Daily (e-mails delivered at midnight and noon)

- Send Four Times Daily (e-mails delivered at midnight, 6 AM, noon, 6 PM)

An additional option to receive immediate notification of stat exams is listed just underneath “Send Unread Notification”, and may be enabled if desired.

Account administrators may adjust these settings for users via the “Users” link on the Admin page. 

On the “Users” page, click the “View” link in the right-most column for the user you wish to edit, and then click “Edit User”.


In the “Edit User” dialogue, you will see the same “Send Unread Notification” and “Send Stat Notification E-mail” options.   

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