Adding Comments and Presets

UltraLinq allows users to save their own additions to the comments and presets areas on the worksheet.  To add custom statements to the worksheet, lease use the following process.

  • Begin by viewing an unread exam of the type you wish to customize, and navigating to the “Worksheet” tab.
  • Complete the worksheet with comments you would like to add permanently.
  • Prior to saving your work, click the “Add Comments & Presets” button underneath the list of pre-configured comments.



In the “Add Presets & Comments” dialogue, you may choose to save your current configuration as a preset by checking the “Save as Preset” box; additionally, you may copy your comments to the appropriate categories by leaving the “Add to Conclusions” box checked.  You may need to confirm which comment section receives the additions.



You may choose to have any measurement populate automatically in the comments.  To      configure this option, simply add a comment to the findings section with a measurement from the measurements section. See below for an example.


When adding the comments, a drop-down box will appear with options that allow you to choose which measurement is populated in this field moving forward.  By default, UltraLinq will display any fields that match the measurement exactly.  You may  select any         other field from the worksheet by selecting it from the “Other Fields” section; or you may elect to make this raw number your default by choosing the value immediately above the “Fields Matched” section.



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