Configuring the Worksheet View

Worksheet view shows a customized worksheet panel on the Clips & Stills tab of the Exam page. Worksheet view is only available in the Flash viewer. The Worksheet view must be configured by an account administrator.

Configure the Worksheet view by following these steps.

  1. From the Clips & Stills tab of the Exam page, click to enable Worksheet view. If Worksheet view is not configured, a message displays.
  2. Click Edit. A pop-up window appears. Clicking Click for instructions gives more information on configuring the Worksheet view.

  3. Click Create Group to create a group of fields visible in Worksheet view. You can create multiple groups by clicking Create Group again.
  4. Enter a name for each group in the Title field.
  5. Drag and drop fields from the right panel to the Drag Fields Here area for each group. You can edit the label for each field.
  6. To rearrange the order in which fields appear, drag and drop the fields within the group.
  7. To delete a field from a group, hover over the field and click in the Field area. To delete a group, hover over the group and click in the Title area.
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