Managing Users and Logins

Account administrators can assign users different types, roles, and permissions. A user can be assigned to one or more of the following types, roles, and permissions.

User Types

  • Users are general UltraLinq users who can be assigned roles and permissions.
  • Study administrators (Study Admin) can access the Admin menu on the Exam List page and the Admin tab on the Exam page.
  • Account administrators (Admin Login) can access the Admin page.
  • Study assigners (Study Assign) can assign exams regardless of their role. This user type is usually given to sonographers.
  • HIPAA officers can activate other users once they are added to UltraLinq. Only UltraLinq Client Services can designate users as HIPAA officers.

User Roles

  • Sonographer: The user is identified as a sonographer and listed in the sonographer assignment list.
  • Interpreting Physician: The user is identified as an interpreting physician. Only interpreting physicians can finalize exams.
    • Offline Reporting: The user can mark a report as "completed offline."
    • Specify a Signature: An image of the physician's signature can appear next to their digital signature.
  • Referring/Ordering: the user is identified as the referring or ordering physician based on workflow rules or manual assignments.

User Permissions

  • Access all exams: All exams are visible regardless the user's assignment. Only administrators should have this permission.
  • View all finalized exams: All exams with the Finalized status are visible regardless of the user's assignment.

Manage users and login credentials by following these steps.

  1. Navigate to the Admin page from the header link at the top of the page.
  2. Click the Users link.
  3. To add a user directly, click Add a User.
    1. Enter user information in the Info section. Fields marked by a * are required.

      Note: When selecting an option in the Report Delivery Field, know that a corresponding workflow rule must be set to trigger report delivery. If a workflow rule is not set, the user does not receive reports.

      Note: Check the User may log in box to allow the user to log into UltraLinq. Not all users may log in—for example, referrring physicians may be added as a user so exams can be delivered to them, but they may not be able to log into UltraLinq.

      Note: When entering a password for a new user, note that UltraLinq prompts the user to change their password when they log in for the first time.

    2. Enter report header information in the Report Header Information section.
    3. Assign general permissions to the user in the General Permissions section.
      • Access all exams
      • View all finalized exams
      • Study Admin
      • Admin Login
      • Study Assign
    4. Assign a role to the user in the Roles section.
      • Sonographer
      • Reviewer
      • Interpreting Physician
      • Referring/Ordering
    5. Click Save
    6. Complete the process by clicking "Activate User" on the summary page.  Note that only users with the  "HIPAA Officer" permission may activate new users.
  4. To invite a user by email, click Invite a User.
    1. Enter the user's email address.
    2. Optional: Edit the subject line.
    3. Optional: Edit the message. UltraLinq provides a default invitation message.
  5. To edit or deactivate a user, click that user's row on the Users page. This takes you to that user's User page. Click Edit User to go the User Edit page and edit a user's information. Click Deactivate User to go to the User Deactivate page and deactivate the user.

    1. When editing a user, make changes on the User Edit page. Fields marked by a * are required. Click Save.
    2. When deactivating a user, click Deactivate on the User Deactivate page.

Linking Accounts

If a user needs access to multiple accounts, they do not need multiple usernames and passwords. A user can sign into multiple linked accounts with the same login credentials.

When a user with linked accounts logs into UltraLinq, they can see exams from all their accounts.

To add a linked user to an account, create a new user account. Do not check the User may log in box. Activate the new user, and contact Client Services with a request for the accounts to be linked.

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