Amending Reports

An exam may need to be amended in order to edit the worksheet/report or change patient demographics. Finalized exams can be amended by:

  • The Interpreting Physician whom signed off on the report.
  • A user with admin access.

Amended reports must be re-signed by the physician to generate a new report. The new report contains copies of all previous versions of the report.

Note: If you are neither the Interpreting Physician or have admin access you will need to reach out to an account admin. UltraLinq client services do not have the authority to set an exam as amendable.

Interpreting Physician Amendment  

If you are identified as the exams Interpreting Physician you can amend an exam by following these steps:

1. Navigate to the Report tab on the Exam Page.

2. Select 'Amend Report'.

3. Select 'OK'.


4. The exam is now marked 'Amendable'. An "Amended Report" label appears above the report. You can now edit the exam and 'Finalize Exam' once complete.

Administrator Amendment

1. Navigate to the Admin tab on the Exam Page.

2. Click the link in the Amend Report section.

3. Select 'OK'.




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