Using Drawing Annotation View in the Flash Viewer

In UltraLinq, you can add drawing and annotations to an exam through Drawing Annotation view. Drawing Annotation view is currently available in Flash viewer.

From the Single view of the Exam page, tap to access Drawing Annotation view. The thumbnails are replaced with templates. Drawing tools are available from the Drawing Annotation toolbar in the right panel.

Change the image's zoom by clicking and on the image's header. The image's zoom level is shown between and .

Select an image by clicking on the image's header.

The following options are available on the Drawing Annotation toolbar:

  • allows you to draw on the template with a small brush.
  • allows you to draw on the template with a medium brush.
  • allows you to draw on the template with a large brush.
  • allows you to place an arrow on the template.
  • allows you to place a text box on the template.
  • allows you to select an existing annotation.
  • allows you to select different colors for drawings and annotations.

Add drawings and annotations to an image by following these steps. Drawings and annotations can be added in any order.

  1. Select a color from the color palette for the drawing or annotation. Text annotations are only available in black.
  2. Add a drawing by selecting a paintbrush tool , , or . Click and drag on the image to draw.
  3. Add an arrow by selecting the arrow tool . Click and drag on the image.
  4. Add text by selecting the text tool . Click on the image. A text box appears. Type into the text box.
  5. To select a drawing or annotation, click , then click the drawing or annotation. The selected drawing or annotation is highlighted in light blue.
  6. Selected drawings can be deleted by pressing the Delete key on your keyboard. Selected arrows can be angled by clicking and dragging one of its ends. Selected text can be moved by clicking and dragging.
  7. Tap Save to save the image with drawings and annotations to the exam.
  8. Tap Clear to delete all drawings and annotations from the image.
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