Saving an Arrangement of Images and Clips as a Set

Dynamic view allows you to save an arrangement of up to four images, clips, and series as a set. If multiple, related series are added, scout lines appear to help you navigate multidimensional data. This feature is currently available in the Flash Viewer.

Save an arrangement of images, clips, and series by following these steps.

  1. Navigate to the Clips & Stills tab on the Exam page.
  2. Click to enter Dynamic view.
  3. Drag and drop thumbnails from the left panel into the main panel. You can also double click thumbnails to add them to the main panel.
  4. To clear or save your arrangement, click to access Dynamic view controls.
  5. Click Clear to remove all images and clips from your arrangement. Click Save to save your arrangement as a set.
  6. When saving a set, a pop-up window appears. Enter a Set Name. Click Save.
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