UltraLinq Troubleshooting

When using UltraLinq, you may encounter common issues. Try these fixes to resolve them. If you still have trouble, contact Client Services.

Error: UltraLinq cannot be reached with a web browser.

Fix: Make sure that your computer has access to the Internet and that you are using a compatible browser.

Error: You cannot log into UltraLinq.

Fix: Make sure that your credentials were entered correctly.

Error: When logging into UltraLinq, you receive the error message, "User account is not active."

Fix: If you are a new user, contact your organization's HIPAA officer to activate your account. If you have had five failed login attempts, click the Forgot your password? link to reset your password.

Error: You forgot your password.

Fix: On the Login page, click the Forgot your password? link to reset your password.

Error: When using Flash to view images and clips, the clips do not loop.

Fix: Try disabling the Hardware Acceleration option within Flash. In UltraLinq, right click an image or clip, and select Settings. Uncheck the Enable hardware acceleration box.

Error: On the Worksheet tab of the Exam page, the worksheet is missing.

Fix: Make sure your preference for Worksheet Location is, "The worksheet is visible on the Worksheet tab."

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