Workflow Rules

Workflow Rules allow admins to setup automation within UltraLinq.

UltraLinq Client Services must enable the "Workflow Rules" permission for account administrators.  If you have "Admin Login" permission, but cannot access the "Workflow Rules" link, please contact UltraLinq Client Services.


To access Workflow Rules, navigate to Admin -> Workflow Rules.




The Workflow Rules control some functionality that may appear integrated within the product.  This includes:

  • Automated exam assignment
  • Automated exam delivery

All accounts have this basic functionality configured.  Admins are strongly discouraged from deactivating these rules at the top of the list.




To add a new rule, click "Add a Rule".



In the dialogue that appears, complete the drop-down boxes from left to right.  



First, begin by choosing when this action will trigger.  Available options include:



Next, choose the action you wish to occur.  The available options vary based on the modules enabled within your account.  Available options include:



Choose who will receive the exam or report.  Available options include:

*Note that actions assigned to "study's interpreting physician" do not trigger upon upload.  This is because the interpreting physician is not known until the exam is finalized.  Rules configured to trigger for the interpreting physician upon upload will not trigger.



The final drop-down allows you add limiters.  Available options include:



Once you have built the rule, click "Save".  You may edit or deactivate the rule at any time by clicking on the rule in the list.

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