Exporting Exams


Once exams are uploaded to UltraLinq, it is possible to export them for offline purposes.  There are two methods available for exporting the exams:

Quick Export


The Quick Export function is available on every exam.  A Quick Export will allow a user to burn a CD or create a ZIP file with the images/report for only one exam.  


1.  Begin by navigating to the images of the exam you wish to export.


2.  Click on "Quick Export" on the right side of the patient demographics.



3.  This will take you to the export page.  A status indicator will show that export generation is in process.



4.  Once generation is complete, a "Download Export" link will display.




Administrator Export


The Administrator Export is accessed from the main exam page.  Only users with the “Study Admin” permission may access the Administrator Export.


With the Administrator Export, you can include multiple exams in one export; so, you can generate a CD or ZIP file with multiple exams.  Because the exams can reside on multiple pages within UltraLinq, you may need to repeat this process several times.


1.  Begin by checking the boxes next to the exams you wish to export, and click "Export" at the top of the exam page.


2.  You will see the following dialogue box.  Select "Create New Export", and add a title.  Choose either ISO or ZIP format for your export.  



3.  Clicking “Save” will bring you to the Export page.  Return to the exam list to add the next exam(s).


4.  Check the boxes next to the exams you wish include, and again hit "Export" at the top of the exam page.  In the dialogue box, choose the "Add to Existing Export" option, and select your new export from the drop-down.



5.  Clicking "Save" will take you to the export page, where you will see all the exams you have added.


6.  Click on "Generate Export" to initiate the export process.  


7.  Once complete, the a "Download Export" link will be displayed.  You may continue to add new exams to your export for 15 days.


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