Using the Audit Trail

Access to exams, and user actions are tracked via UltraLinq's Audit Trail.  

The Audit Trail is accessible only to users with "Admin Login" permission.  To access the Audit Trail, navigate to "Admin" -> "Audit Trail".




When viewing the Audit Trail, you may filter according to the following categories:

  • User
  • Action Taken
  • Date Range




Search results presented by the Audit Trail are displayed beneath the filters.  Multiple pages of results are possible.



While there is no embedded export functionality, it is possible to copy/paste the results into an Excel worksheet. 

Begin by configuring the filters as desired, and searching for results.  Next, highlight the search results.  When highlighting, start with the column header, and drag to the end of the last row in the "Description" column.




Next, use the appropriate keyboard command to copy the text.  In Windows, this is Ctrl+C.  In Mac OS, this is ⌘+C.  



Open a blank Excel worksheet, and paste your clipboard.  The Audit Trail data will paste into rows/columns.



To remove the formatting, highlight all cells and in the ribbon navigate to Home -> Clear and select "Clear Formats".


Your data is now properly formatted.

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