Duplicating Exams

Within UltraLinq, it is possible to duplicate exams for over-reading or troubleshooting purposes.  

There are a few limitations when duplicating exams:

  • Duplication requires the "Study Admin" permission.  
  • You can only duplicate exams in Unread and Finalized status.
  • Duplicated exams do not reflect any of the changes that occur on the original exam (including assignments).

To duplicate an exam:

1.  While logged into UltraLinq, search to find the exam(s) you wish to duplicate.



2.  Check the box next to the patient's name.


3.  Click the "Duplicate" button at the top of the list.  Hit "Save" to proceed with the duplication.



4.  A status indicator will appear.  Once completed, the page will re-load.



5.  Duplication is now complete.  


Note that the new exam will not have any user assignments except those made automatically upon upload.  If your user is not automatically assigned, or you lack the "Access All Exams" permission, you may not have immediate access to the exam upon duplication. 

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