Creating New Exams

It is possible to create new exams within UltraLinq.  These new exams allow you to add file attachments and generate a report without any data from a modality.

In order to use this functionality, users must have "Study Admin" permission.


1.  On the Core page, click on the "Create Exam" button.




2.  A form will appear.  Complete as much information as desired.  You must complete at least first/last name and DOB.




3.  Select the appropriate exam type for this exam.  This will determine what worksheet is visible.



4.  At the bottom, add any file attachments that you wish to upload.  These will appear as "Exam Attachments".  If you need more than two file attachments, you can add them after you hit "Save".




5.  After saving your form, UltraLinq will automatically load you into the exam.  Click on the "Attachments" tab to view your attachments.

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