UpLinq 2.7 Installation Instructions

1. Begin by downloading UpLinq 2.7 via http://downloads.ultralinq.net/uplinq/uplinq-2.7.3.zip or by contacting UltraLinq Client Services.

2.  Extract the installation files from the ZIP folder.

3.  You must install the re-distributables contained in the following folders:

  • vcredist_10
  • vcredist_12
  • vcredist_14

4.  After installing those files, proceed with running "UpLinqSetup".




For clients in the UK, please see these additional steps prior to launching the setup wizard.



5.  Proceed to the setup wizard.  If you are using a proxy server, enter your proxy information; otherwise, just click "Next".



6.  The next step requires you to enter your Customer ID.  You can obtain your Customer ID by navigating to the "Admin" page of your UltraLinq account.  The Customer ID is located just under your company name.

Alternately, you can contact UltraLinq Client Services for assistance obtaining your Customer ID.





7.  Choose the types of devices being used:

  • Biosound - Utilizes XML and multimedia files exported from some Esaote devices.
  • Cypress - Utilizes the RTF file created when exporting "Multimedia" format from CypressViewer.
  • DICOM - For any device exporting DICOM files.
  • Sonosite - Utilizes files converted by Sitelink versions 3 or 4.
  • Single File - Not used.


8.  Configure the watch directory options as desired.  The default directory for DICOM transfer is c:\studies.




9  Select a folder to house the files encoded by UpLinq.  




10.  You may adjust the retention settings for UpLinq, which will delete files after the selected number of days.  The "Delete exam on upload?" option is not recommended.




11.  Review your settings, and finish.




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