Transitioning from Flash to HTML5

Flash Player, which our former Viewer runs on, has become an outdated piece of technology. Browsers are no longer supporting the Flash Player, initially released in 1996, and it will be completely phased out in 2020 by Adobe, the company that created it.

As an alternative, UltraLinq offers the HTML5 viewer. All users will be required to transition to the HTML5 viewer in 2018.

UltraLinq's new HTML5 viewer is fast and secure with an improved visual design to give greater access to features that improve your clinical assessments. The HTML5 viewer contains improved measurements, annotations, keyboard/mouse shortcuts, and clinical tools.

In the HTML5 viewer, you can:

  • Hide the thumbnail strip for even more viewing space.
  • Find the most-used tools with one click.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to streamline your exam workflow.

Switch to the HTML5 Viewer with two clicks at

See Changing Viewer Mode for additional instructions on switching to the HTML5 viewer.

Additional reading on the end of Flash:




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