Exporting DICOM

It is possible to retrieve DICOM files from UltraLinq after an exam is uploaded.  

The original exam files must be in DICOM format.  If multimedia files are uploaded, only multimedia files can be retrieved from UltraLinq.

1.  Start by generating an export of the exam within UltraLinq.

2.  If using the Administrator Export, you must check the box to "Include DICOM Images".


If using the Quick Export, the option to "Include DICOM images" is checked automatically.  

3.  Once the export is downloaded, burn the files to CD according to your typical process.

4.  The DICOM files must be imported into a 3rd party DICOM Viewer; there is no native DICOM viewer on the CD.  

5.  The DICOM files are located in the "Exam_DICOM" folder.  All exams are separated by patient name and Date of Service.



One final note:  the size of the exports will increase when DICOM files are included.  This can lead to variation in how many exams will fit on a CD or DVD (for large exams).  After generating an export, you can see the estimated file size on the export page.



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